Agape Guidelines

The object of the Agape gifts is to surround the pilgrims and team in love during the entire 72 hours. Remember “Christ is counting on You.”

General Description

Agape on an Emmaus Walk are the items and letters given to pilgrims and team members to surround them in Love doing the walk. This can be divided into three parts: the small items given during the walk and placed on the dining table or beds, the personal letters expressing agape love to them, and the snacks provided for them during the walk.

Dining Table/Bed Agape

These are the small items for everyone which usually include a Bible verse or saying designed to encourage the pilgrim or team member. They may be placed on the beds or at individual dining settings. These items are presented by churches, reunion groups, or individuals. Churches and reunion groups may have the name of the sender on the agape; however, individuals should give their agape anonymously, in love. The number of items needed for each type of item is given at the left. This is a slight change from the past, which is caused by the differences in sleeping and dining arrangements during walks.

Letter Agape

Letters are usually collected by the sponsor and express feelings for the person on the walk. These letters should be placed in an envelope no larger than a standard business envelope. These letters should have the recipients complete name on the envelope and of course, should be signed by the sender. If you cannot give the letter to the sponsor please place no information on the envelope except the name and get it to the team. Gifts for individuals are entirely inappropriate and should not be delivered to the team. Gifts for individuals should be given to new members of the community at an appropriate time after the walk is completed.

Snack Agape

Snack agape are the drinks and snacks provided for use in the conference room and during breaks. Many items are hand made. Anyone is welcome to bring this agape to the walk; however, many times team members provide much of these items.