Greater Indianapolis Area Emmaus Community

It’s a New Year to Move Forward with Emmaus

Advent is over and it’s time for a new year!  2020 has brought many challenges and changes to our lives.  The Walks to Emmaus were cancelled or postponed last year due to the pandemic. These challenges required the Emmaus Board of Directors to create new ways to communicate and stay in touch with both board members and the community. Gatherings  and board meetings were held online or onsite with social distancing. Facebook and our montly newsletter became our best tools to share information.

Since we strive to always improve on the past, one of the changes propsed for this new year will be the addition of a montly blog post. Designed to give new information about upcoming Walks and Flights, the blog will also include education and interesting items about the history and policies of Emmaus. In this first blog, we want to give a little “peek” at upcoming events,

Walks to Emmaus 2021

The board of directors will always put the health and safety of our Emmaus teams and pilgrims before anything else. We are also concerned with the integrity of each walk or flight. So, if coditions don’t improve over the next few months, cancellations could still occur. But, we’re stepping out in faith and hoping that we will be able to have our scheduled Walks to Emmaus.

The Greater Indianapolis Area Board has a Fall Men’s and Women’s Walk to Emmaus scheduled that were postponed from 2020.  The new dates are:

  • GIAEC Men’s Walk to Emmaus – Walk #191 – October 14 to 17, 2021, John Wakeman is the Lay Director.
  • GIAEC Women’s Walk to Emmaus – Walk # 192 – October 21 to 24, 2021, Kay Korty is the Lay Director.

The Walks will be held at The Indiana Conference and Training Center, 1900 South Broadway Street, Fortville, IN.

Applications can be submitted using this link:

Gatherings for 2021

We want to continue to have Emmaus Gatherings, but will not decide until after the January 18th board meeting if they will be online via Zoom or onsite with masks and social distancing. Consult the Emmaus website at for dates, times and venues.

GIAEC Board of Directors Business

The GIAEC Board of Directors has continued to meet and plan through the 2020 year.  Zoom has become the platform used for meetings. This allows others that previously could not join meetings due to location to join the Board of Directors. New members with a heart for the Emmaus Mission are always needed to join the Board.  Please consider contacting John Magnabosco at [email protected] for the Zoom information for the meetings.  Any person that has been on a Walk to Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend can join the Board of Directors.  Consider joining the Board for just one meeting in 2021 and seeing what they do!  Meeting dates and times can be found at:

We need to trust in God and his plan in our lives.  In times when churches are not meeting and social isolation is widespread, the sure thing in our lives is God and how much he loves us.  He is a God of Hope and Love.  As we enter the 2021 year, lean on God and his plan for our lives and our Emmaus.