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                        What is Chrysalis

Chrysalis is the high school youth version of the Walk to Emmaus administered by the Upper Room. It is nondenominational.

Chrysalis is designed as a spiritually formative experience for young people in a distinct stage of life and faith formation. As a part of the Emmaus Ministries family, Chrysalis helps to renew and strengthen the spiritual lives of young people in secondary school, often fifteen to eighteen years old, in an adolescent stage of their formation. It is designed to give these young people a model of what ongoing spiritual formation can look like, in their life now and in the next season of life. As with all Emmaus Ministries, this purpose does not come to full realization during the Chrysalis weekend itself but in the many days that follow. During the Chrysalis weekend, young people are grounded in God’s love, experience ongoing positive support, try new spiritual practices, and have an opportunity to expand their spiritual leadership in a community of peer.” (Chrysalis Leaders’ Manual, 7)

Although Boys and Girls Flights are held at the same time, and at the same place, each flight is separate. They each have separate quarters for sleeping, conference rooms, separate musicians, and board representatives. There is a male Lay Director and Spiritual Director for the boys and a Female Lay Director and Spiritual Director for the girls. Each Flight has their own conference rooms. The boys and girls will share the same dining room at meal times and hear the clergy talks together, however, discussions will be in their own conference room. They will also have the opportunity to mingle during free times. Students will arrive for the flight at approximately 8am on the first day and will stay until closing on the final day of the flights at approximately 5pm. There will be a limit of 16 boys and 16 girls accepted for the flights.

Would you like to be part of the Chrysalis experience in Indiana? We would love to have you join us. Contact Jannell Gunn at [email protected] or 317-989-5892 for more information on Chrysalis.

Registrations can be found at https://indyemmaus.org/chrysalis-registration-form/.

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