2021 Scheduled Walks
Greater Indianapolis Area Emmaus Women’s Walk #192 – Oct. 21-24, 2021 – Lay Director: Kay Korty

Walk 192 Team List  

Walk 192 Pilgrim List

Please print out “Save the Date Cards” and share with those at your churches to help the Emmaus Board publicize these Emmaus Walks.


The Women’s Walk #192 Candlelight will be held on Oct. 23 at New Life Christian Church, 1574 IN 234, Fortville, IN 46040. The Community starts gathering at 7i:30. 



Covid Protocols for Fall Walks

As we approach the last quarter of the year, we are looking forward to this year’s walks, gatherings, and other GIAEC community activities. As we consider these activities amid the increasing COVID-19 Delta variant infections and hospitalizations within our communities, families, and circle of friends the GIAEC Board called a special meeting earlier in the month of September to evaluate the protocols necessary to preserve our mission and the safety of our community.
The topic of COVID-19 protocols is a difficult topic to address with any group. Unfortunately, the Emmaus Community is no exception. According to the Upper Room, it appears that we are one of the few communities with walks still in the planning stage for this year. In order to eliminate COVID-19 as being a contributing factor to any potential postponements, this difficult topic had to be addressed.
The approach that we are taking is to first consider guidance being extended by our local government leaders and the Upper Room itself. While these are often conflicting and unclear, we believe that as a board, community, and followers of Christ, our responsibility to each other is to provide as safe of an environment as possible.
Therefore, we will continue to consult with health care professionals within our collective circles and consider their informed guidance for any further modifications to these protocols as needed. We will continue to pray for wisdom, understanding, and compassion.
Here are the COVID-19 protocols at this time for walks, pre-walk meetings, gatherings, and any in-person GIAEC activity for the foreseeable future:
  • We will not require any community member to reveal whether they have chosen to be vaccinated or not. As such, any protocols will be based on the assumption that no one is vaccinated and all are vulnerable.
  • Masks are strongly suggested for all team members, pilgrims, board members, pastors, etc. at all times with the exception of speaking to the community or eating a meal during a walk.
  • Social distancing (or physical distancing) of 6 feet is strongly suggested with alternative means of greeting each other in place of hugs and handshakes,
  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be made available at all GIAEC activities.
  • The board is evaluating the preparation and serving of food, communion, sleeping arrangements, cleaning routines, and other finer details of the upcoming walks which will be announced in more detail prior to their dates.

We appreciate your understanding and participation with these COVID-19 protocols. May we all act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord (Micah 6:8).

De Colores,
John Magnabosco
C: (317) 250-5407 | T: @johnnydata | E: [email protected]