Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem.  They were talking with each other about everything that had happened.  As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them;       Luke 24:13:15

The Greater Indianapolis Area Emmaus Fall Walks are still on schedule for October.

  • The Men’s Walk is October 14th to 17th
  • The Women’s Walk is October 21st to 24th

Pilgrim applications are starting to come in! Please prayerfully consider sponsoring. You can reach out to either of the lay directors with questions. Applications are available on

Prayer Vigils are posted on Please sign up to pray.

Be assured that the safety of the teams and pilgrims is our utmost concern. We are continuing to monitor the COVID situation and have appropriate guidelines in place.

Here are notes from our current lay directors, as well team Lists!

GIAEC Men’s Walk to Emmaus #191

From John Wakeman, Lay Director ([email protected])

The team that God brought together for Walk #191 is a wonderful team! It has sort of been a work in progress since last year with the Covid delay. But we are off and running. After our first meeting, I can see that God is ready to work through us.

Some of the team members I knew and have worked with, some I didn’t or haven’t. Some were pilgrims from Walk #190.  So, we have a great balance of experience and those who will get to fully experience what the Walk to Emmaus can provide. They will see the spiritual growth of the pilgrims; and feel the privilege of serving in Jesus’ name.

Of the 15 talks, we have five first-time speakers. We are already seeing how we all are blending together into one complete talk on the weekend for the Lord to use on hearts and minds. Our verse for the Walk is 2 Peter 1:2 “May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.”

We all look forward to God strengthening His Church and expanding His Kingdom through our efforts.  We thank God for His hand on this Walk #191 and pray that He will be pleased, as He receives all the glory, honor and praise!

Walk #191 Team List

Name Position/Talk
John Wakeman Lay Director – Perseverance
Bob Sabo Assistant Lay Director – Priority
Ed Booth Assistant Lay Director – Discipleship
Jon Coy Assistant Lay Director – Fourth Day
Dan Crawford Spiritual Director – Means of Grace
Ted Malone Assistant Spiritual Director – Prevenient Grace
Joe Johnson Assistant Spiritual Director – Justifying Grace
John Weeks Assistant Spiritual Director – Obstacles to Grace
Reid Walker Assistant Spiritual Director – Sanctifying Grace
Gregg Ford Music Director
Bruce Shell Asst. Music Director
Steve Gunn Board Representative
Andy Moore Table Leader
Don Fitzpatrick Table Leader – Growth Through Study
Rob Hart Table Leader – Changing our World
David Carr Table Leader – Christian Action
Joe King Assistant Table Leader – Life of Piety
David Cala Assistant Table Leader – Priesthood of All Believers
David Judy Assistant Table Leader
Bob Grimm Assistant Table Leader – Body of Christ
Keith Beesley Prayer Chapel Coordinator
Mark Hayden Head Kitchen
Ron Allison Head Cha
Chad Hubbard CHA
Ralph Baker CHA
Charles King CHA
Jeff Wright CHA
Jessie Mullins Kitchen
Ben Wire Kitchen
Greg Bedell Kitchen
David Haehnle Kitchen


GIAEC Women’s Walk to Emmaus #192

From Kay Korty, Lay Director ([email protected])

Kay Korty, Northern Indiana Emmaus Walk 87A, Table of Martha

Little did I know when I went on my walk that it would have such a great influence on my life in the future!  I went on the Walk reluctantly at my husband’s insistence… enjoyed the weekend as a chance to spend time with God, grow my faith, let go of some baggage and meet new friends…but I thought that was it!  I was really in for a surprise! About a year later I was asked by my reunion group to work a walk and that’s when the whole impact of Emmaus really struck me. Thirty years later, as I prepare to serve on another team, I am still awe struck as I hear the amazing stories of God’s people, the path He has planned for them and the times He has walked with them through the storms of life!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”   Jeremiah 29:11

We have 40 women preparing to be servants on an amazing weekend. We would love to host 25 pilgrims and need the community’s prayers and participation by attending candlelight and closing. We also have openings for more pilgrims. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a pilgrim and getting their applications in soon!

Walk #192 Team List

Name Position/Talk
Kay Korty Lay Director – Perseverance
Ruth Crawford Assistant Lay Director -Discipleship
Susie Cala Assistant Lay Director – Priority
Annette Lopez Media – Fourth Day
Becky Gibbons Spiritual Director – Means of Grace
Diane Cline Assistant Spiritual Director – Obstacles to Grace
Denise Robinson Assistant Spiritual Director – Prevenient Grace
Steve Whitten Assistant Spiritual Director – Justifying Grace
Dawn Barnes Assistant Spiritual Director – Sanctifying Grace
Patty James Board Representative
Rita Wells Head Musician
Cherie Wesley Musician
Robin Ward Prayer Chapel Coordinator
Lisa Gerlack Table Leader – Growth Through Study
Heather Lyons Table Leader – Body of Christ
Margie Nichols Table Leader – Priesthood of All Believers
Rhonda Whitten Table Leader – Life of Piety
Linda Buchanan Table Leader – Christian Action
Melissa Williams Assistant Table Leader – Changing Our World
Patty Hildebrand Assistant Table Leader
Alice Peacock Assistant Table Leader
Janis Dutton Assistant Table Leader
Janell Gunn Head CHA
Lisa Brown CHA
Sherry Lyons CHA
Mary Ann Brown CHA
Nancy Darrow CHA
Teena Crist CHA
Sherri Allen CHA
Susan Ament CHA
Jana Noble CHA
Terri Whitehead Head Kitchen
Sharon Danielson Kitchen
Margaret Miller Kitchen
Pat Burrello Kitchen
Joyce Bolander Kitchen
Terri Haehnle Kitchen
Jane King Kitchen
Diane Downey Kitchen
Maurya Wendling Kitchen